Tuesday, July 7, 2009

From the Swan to the Trooper a Weekend with Colt and Marinda

I went to my son's home in Lakewood CO. and truthfully had the time of my life. My main reason for being there, other then just to get to spend time with the people I love the most was to finish up Colten and Marinda's Engagement pictures. We wanted something that really depict summer... and the thing that I came up with was a amusement park... in my mind, the cuddling you do on a Farris wheel, the fun with the carousel ...well you get the picture... and it was just great fun....Then Marinda spots the Swan Paddle boats.... LOL Oh Colt your face was priceless!!! but being the trooper that you are you got in that boat with you honey and let me take pictures... and when I scream all the way across the lake of the crowded amusement park "Kiss the GIRL!!!" and then Everyone around the lake joins in hollering and applauding.... you did the right thing you just played like everyone in the world was gone but you and Marinda....you sure made some great images guys. I am posting one that I have backed off a lot for impressionistic purposes for Marinda because all of her art in the entry room of their home to be is being done in this fashion...but then we move on....from there we get to go to Castle Rock Co. to barbecue out with Marinda's family.... and with all my heart I love these people like I have known then all my life.... we cooked in the garage because it was raining so hard that you could see the river running down their mountain home frontage street....being a Texas Panhandle boy, well I don't think I have ever seen that much rain at one time.... not to mention what would we do with that much rain.... guess thats why there are lakes in mountains...hmmmmm. lol well after cooking out and much fun Marinda and her family Colt wanted to go to the Fireworks, sounded like fun to me. I have never in my life seen (round) fireworks lol all the displays that I have seen were sideways or oval.... I live in the Texas Panhandle we have wind...its what keeps us cool, but it hinders some things a little...but really this was AMAZING!!! and there was two displays going off and they lasted for ever!!!! Good Job Castle Rock!!! so Colt is taking Marinda home I head to Colts house... and was I ever surprised! I get into what I call Denver and there were like 6 different fireworks displays still going and it was beautiful in a huge way when I topped that road where I could see all of the towns.....I am here to tall you that this country boy has never seen a site like that. Sunday I got to go to church with Colt and Marinda and that was just great, good worship good preaching.... loved it! then it was off to get some of the wedding shopping done... after that everyone was just tired so Colt and Marinada went to get a little rest and I went to another bookstore to find my Western Horseman magazine. Colt had a gig at a Jazz bar named "Dazzle" and it was a really really nice place I met the kids there, as I didn't need to go as early as Colt needed to go and it was in the middle of Down town Denver....sidenote...thank you God for Tom Tom......anyway I got there and there I was just once again for the millionth time just blown away... I have had Colt playing some kind of instrument for years and years, piano, sax every kind of guitar they make and I know he is good.... then when he want to college he even got better... that was crazy watching him in concerts and even with the traveling tours...he was then fantastic....but now my son went from being a student to a professional in my eyes.... This jazz sound was so much more than I could have ever expected and I was totally mesmerised with my love for jazz and his ability to entertain a crowd...Props to ya bud....Your awsome!!! Monday morning was hard,,,, I really don't like goodbye... it hurts my heart and I am not good at showing that kind of emotion so Colt went with me to change the oil on the mountaineer and fill it up and then we piddled around driving and then I took him home and told him bye. :( So I start my journey home, for those of you that know me, you know that I stay really busy all the time and I get restless if I am not keeping myself busy, I listen to music, Fox radio, Books on CD and lots of different things, well I was using a thing called Loopt...where all weekend I would take a picture of what I was doing and post it. Loopt has a map that pin points right where you are, and you post what your doing and I always put a picture with it. :) I stopped at the tourist stops, took pictures, flags, buffalo, rocks, snakes, cows, horses mountains my dash the clouds lol I was just board out of my mind about 8 hours into the drive.... this highway patrol was north bound, I was southbound...I saw him and hit my breaks, did a U-turn and started flashing my lights. He pulled over and I pulled in behind him. I knew after doing something that stupid to just jump out of my car would be bad so I just set there till he came back to me. He said "Sir, is there anything I can help you with?" I said yes! if you are not real busy and can spare a minute I really need a picture of ya....he said....You have got to be kidding, which led me to say Nope! and I explained how I'm a photographer and I wanted to blog something for Kansas as I went through....he just threw back his head and started laughing he mentioned that after his holiday weekend being so busy that this Monday was killing him and he would love something to keep him awake....sooooo my trooper picture is done! This was a great trip going and coming and perfect in the middle....what a success all the way around.