Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well this has been a wild week for sure but has been full of lots of great tasks and challenges. I have been blessed with the great diversity of getting to shoot everything from a gentleman that is a hospice patient to a newborn this week and several ages in between. Diversity like that tends to leave you very humble...speaking of humble last night was the night I should have had my camera with me. I didnt have a setting last evening so I decieded to drive to Canadian to get some grass hay. This was the perfect night in every way, nice temp, nice breeze and life just going as it should. I stopped at a great little place to eat. I set up on the second story balconey and just enjoyed the dinner and the evening. Headed back to Perryton the sunset really was better even then normal. Then the deer ran out in front of me.... Well I was pulling a trailer full of hay and it would have been really bad to swerve so ... I did'nt and the front end of the truck is not what it use to be. I knew I had a major problem when I had smoke billowing up even before I could get shut down and pulled over... and sure enough it had put a fan through the radiator.
I knew it could not be driven so I called a wrecker and a friend... Thanks again Brad and Kim for bringing me the Mountioneer so I could pull the trailer back to Perryton... and the rest is history...Guess we find out how good insurance is today... but today is a really fun day in photography so that will keep my mind busy, starting off this morning I have 5 children at 11am this morning youngest is 3 months and oldest is 4.... lol now this might be a lot like herdin kittins, but you know its going to be fun and include a lot of laughter....Take care and watch out for that doe in the headlight look!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And so the 2010 seniors begin!!!! I started the senior season of 2010 with Miss Hartsfield, we went out to Wolf Creek and just had the idea of lets go look and see what we see, we knew the flowers were everywhere and just field after field of them. Her Mom and Dad came with us and I think we all had a pretty good time. Tammy-her Mother is a great photographer of her own rite and it was fun watching her work her style on her daughter and the pictures that she got at the same time... I have always thought it was fun working with other photographers, You did a great job Tammy!!! I am ready for you to post some of yours to! I'm off to a house to take some grand baby pictures this morning, hope the day goes good for everyone and I will get back with ya tommorow morning.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wow what a outstanding weekend for photography! This last weekend had a lot included into it in the Perryton area. First we had 2 high school graduations that included a lot of flowers and balloons for parties and for graduation its self, then it was photography time. First I started with a wedding with two families that I have known and loved for many many years. It really is a extra special blessing to me when I see two people find each other that truly love, trust, count on, need and complete each other...and these people really do all of this and more. I have been talking about the Thrasher wedding. The Thrasher had a outside wedding at their farm that has been in the family for decades and decades then moved to a reception in town. This was a fun lighthearted event that truly let me and all the guests share in this truly special time for this couple....

Sunday is usually a day that I don't usually work but being that so many families were in town for graduation and families were together I knew I had to make a exception....I ended up doing 4 setting on Sunday and I couldn't have had better weather or better people....Everything from the beginning of the day at 9am to the last setting starting at 7pm was outstanding and I really appreciated ever single one of the wild flowers at Wolf creak was just crazy great!

Hope your Monday and coming week is outstanding. I am at the studio for just a minute or two to print out statements and then I am headed home to start painting on the house.... LOL you otta come help! Don't forget to bring a Dr. Pepper!!!