Sunday, July 24, 2011

Starting the transaction of moving

Anyone that knows me would know that I am not just great at putting things out about myself. I would much rather talk about you and about what is happening in your life but I have come to a point that I have to be able to tell a LOT of people what is going on and being that I love each and every single one of you I thought this would be a way of getting the word out. I am moving to Edgewood, New Mexico!!!! I am Very excited about the move, and very sad at the same time.
I have so many people that I just love so much in the Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles and I wanted a way of letting you know whats going on. It was suggested to me that I open my blog back up and start it that way. With each step I can let you know where I am and when I will be in Perryton and when I will be in Edgewood.

Right now I just got a new roof on my house in Perryton :o) Yes I am every excited about that, I will begin painting of the trim tomorrow and tonight I am laying a new floor in the basement. That basement is going to be great! That has always been my sons bedroom. Colt needed a lot of room because he was a busy guy.....he had all of his instruments down there, a den area for watching TV, his desk area and his music area....Oh yea and a bed..... and with it being just wide open it looks HUGE lol I had someone that was looking at the house tell me that they were most interested in having it as a home theatre. I thought that was just a Very cool idea. So I am getting it all ready for someone if they want to do something like that or just have a beautiful room to excape.

I have taken about 4 trailer loads to NM so far and truthfully I bed I have 10 more to go... I had no idea I had collected so many things and as I have gone through them I can see why they are all there....yes I had every single scrap of paper that my children have ever written on since they were born, Every toy, Everything! most of their old cloths and just general stuff.....well so began the giving away process.... I think the funnest thing that has happened so far was filling up the dumpster with things that I couldn't donate, couldn't give away.....and I refuse to have a garage sale.... so I put it in the big dumpster at the back of the house.....well I was setting out in the back yard with friends drinking a glass of wine that night and we heard the worst noise ever. I opened the back gate and low and behold the fight was on! We stood and watched as people were trying to pull things out of each others hands.... I never laughed so hard in my whole life.....yep they were dumpster diving.....I thought that was a blast... I tried to get a little nicer after that and put things beside the dumpster so they wouldnt have such a hard time getting them out. I have no earthly idea how they knew the stuff was there but it just goes to show ya.... if you build it.....They will come! I love you all and will let you know how the painting of the trim goes tomorow.